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4 Trend Of Hotel Supplies

April Import & Export Co.,Ltd Updated: Nov 20, 2015

1, safety and health. Hotel select hotel is, of course, is the premise of safety and health, physical health and safety of guests is the first guarantee hotel. If hotels choose unhealthy hotel supplies and guest is hurt, both for guests and hotels will suffer a great loss.

2, energy saving and environmental protection. It is understood that a medium-scale three star hotel, about 1400 tons a year of coal energy can be released into the air at least 4200 tonnes of carbon dioxide, 70 tons of soot and 28 tons of sulfur dioxide, let alone the larger hotels. In the current trend of reducing carbon emissions, hotel energy saving and environmental protection has become a new trend, low carbon hotel has also been recognized by many hotels.

3, scientific and technological innovation. Guests enjoy convenient and comfortable, hotel of the future will be high-tech, smart hotel, hotel rooms, hotel booking, hotel consumption will move towards a smart direction. Intelligent products can make life easier and more comfortable. To determine sleep mattress products, naturally became an important standard of hotel comfort, while has become an important part of purchasing, parts into high-tech mattress product purchasing Director at the hotel became "good".

4, delicate and beautiful. When purchasing products, many consumers, believe that eye margin, if first impressions are good, the sensory impressions of the product better, which is to a large extent is one of the important factors to attract consumers to buy, thus the appearance of the product is very important. But in the future development, the product will be made into a work of art. The appearance of a product related to the enterprise's image and the degree of beauty consumers growing aesthetic demands also stimulated the present tendency of hotel supplies production art.

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