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Origin of the razor

April Import & Export Co.,Ltd Updated: Nov 20, 2015

Razor also known as razor, is used to shave the knife first appeared in 1800, but due to the easy to use hurtful, shaving foam softens stubble on the need to shave. Jin·kanpu·JI improved Shaver, Shaver in safer, and in 1903 founded Gillette manufactured after through continuous evolution, razor became more convenient, such as the invention of the electric razor; better shaving quality, such as tool design. [Edit] 1895 paper day razor history, Gillette walked into a barber shop. Talk about now the mere mention of shaving, fear, himself a shave before also been scraped out of the blood.

"If there is a safety razor in a. "The Barber said with a shrug.

Gillette to business-specific sensitive realized that 2/5 of people around the world with a razor blade, invented a new type of safety razors, must sell. He was determined to work.

After returning home, Geely into a laboratory.

Gillette sand it tool, first in his own try, then try brothers and friends in the face, everybody's face was left on the cutting edge of bare chins.

However, a year later, Geely has not produced a razor that is ideal.

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